Zesta ZPAC Solid State Relay

up to 40 amps
Zesta ZPAC Solid State Relay
Zesta ZPAC Solid State Relay
If you are using electro-mechanical relays to control the switching of your heating process, your heater’s life may be in jeopardy! Due to the slow switching frequencies of electro- mechanical relays, your heaters will experience wide temperature fluctuations between cycles. This causes the heater to expand and contract excessively, and experience what is known as thermal stress. Not only does this cause premature heater failure, it results in poor process control.
What’s the solution? The ZPAC Solid State Relay, made by Zesta Engineering. Its fast switching capabilities allow for high speed cycling, leaving no time for wide temperature swings, and therefore no time for heater expansion and con- traction. This reduces thermal stress, and therefore lengthens heater life. Your process will heat up smoothly, and you will have better temperature control.
Less stress, longer life
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Product Features

  • Available for single-phase loads (up to 70 amp rated)
  • Available for three-phase loads (up to 35 amp rated)
  • Zero cross switching, Phase angle
  • Up to 600 volt rated
  • Custom SSR Assemblies are also available
  • Large inventory

Product Specifications

Solid State Relay Control:
  • Single phase, single SSR
  • Three phase, two leg control for three wire (non- grounded load) dual SSR
  • Resistive loads
  • Inductive loads (AT input only)
Input Options:
  • AC Input = 90-280 VAC. Drop out voltage 10V(rms)
  • DC Input = 4-32 VDC. Drop out voltage 1 VDC
  • MA Input = Burst firing (zero cross) control card. Input 4-20 mA only. Bias and Gain adjustable. Input impedance 500 ohms minimum.
  • BT Input = Burst Firing (zero cross) control card, manual control (percent power) 1- phase only. Input, factory adjusted for 4-20 mA. Bias and Gain adjustable, 0-12 VDC / 0-25 mA. Input impedance 300 W (clip R-2 for 5kW, voltage input).
  • AT Input = phase angle control card, manual control (percent power) 1-phase only, input factory adjusted for 4-20 mA. Bias and Gain adjustable, 0-12 VDC/0-25mA. Input impedance 300 W (clip R-2 for 5 kW, voltage
  • input). Soft start ten seconds (approx), 120-600 VAC to 24 VAC power transformer included, model dependent for AT and BT options
  • 120 VAC through 600 VAC
  • 10 - 70 Amps
Operating Ambient:
  • Operating Ambient
  • Temperature: -20° to 40°C
Line Frequency Range:
47 to 80 Hz

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