Watlow Solid State Relay

up to 25 amps
Watlow Solid State Relay
Watlow® solid state relays (SSR) offer many of the advantages of solid state power controllers, yet at a lower cost. Watlow’s extensive knowledge in power controller design has led to the development of a special fast cycle input card that enables a SSR to operate from a standard 4-20mA instrumentation command signal. Test results have shown that a zero cross SSR in combination with the fast cycle card promotes better temperature control and longer heater life than slow cycle relays. Through a time proportional cycle rate of one tenth of a second heater life will be extended.

Both low and high voltage models are available from 24 up to 530VAC. All ac output models include back to back Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) for a more rugged design than the traditional triac based SSR. The internal design allows it to handle high currents and the harsh electrical environments of heavy industry. Watlow also offers a switched VDC model for dc heating applications.

Watlow can provide all the components necessary for trouble-free operation. This includes two standard convenience items: a thermal foil to ensure proper thermal transfer from the relay to the heat sink and belville washers that ensure the relay is mounted with sufficient pressure for good heat transfer. Matched semiconductor fuses and heat sinks are available to complete the power switching package.
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Product Features

Fast cycle card
  • Increases heater life
  • Optimizes temperature control
  •  Allows for higher watt density heaters
Zero cross firing
  • Results in minimal electrical noise
Back-to-back SCR design
  • Withstands harsh or hostile industrial environments
UL® recognized File #E151484 and #E73741; CSA certified File #LR700195; VDE 60950 License #40021401, File #1995500 up to 480VAC
  • Meets applications requiring agency approval

Product Specifications

Dielectric Strength (Volts):
4000 RMS
Input, DC Control:
  • Voltage range: 3-32VDC
  • Typical input current: 3.4 to 20mA
  • Turn on voltage (max.) 3VDC
  • Turn off voltage (min.) 1VDC
Input, AC Control:
  • Voltage range: 90-280VAC
  • Typical input current: 2mA (typical) @ 120VAC, 4mA (typical) @ 240VAC
  • Turn on voltage (max.) 90VAC
  • Turn off voltage (min.) 10VAC
AC Output (Max.):
  • Forward voltage drop: 1.5VAC and 2.1VDC
  • Min. holding current (mA): 50mA
  • Turn on-off time (ms) up to 10ms (max.)
  • Frequency range: 47 to 63Hz

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